VOW6 is an online marketplace where we aim to sell smuggled electronics products at manufacturer’s price.

At VOW6, the main objective is to give common customer direct access to brands’ products at factory price. We also do not charge any taxes while selling these products i.e GST, Luxury Tax etc. All these products are smuggled to be specific.

Currently, we are shipping to all countries except the following: Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Israel, Nepal, Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, Qatar, Yemen, Palestine and Romania.

All the prices that we offer are exclusive of any additional taxes or duties which other retailers charge their customers. We process all payment via Bitcoins to save us and our customers, these additional GSTs or VATs. If we accept conventional payment methods like Credit cards or PayPal, we will not be able to offer electronics at such cheaper prices.

Once you have added your shipping information, you will be redirected to the payment page. You can either pay directly through your Bitcoin wallet by scanning the QR code or by sending the mentioned amount to the given Bitcoin address. As soon as you have transferred the exact amount, the Blockchain confirms your transaction through the unique ID and your order is automatically placed.

To pay on our website, you must have a Bitcoin wallet with the required amount in it. Please click on the following link to see the easiest method to get Bitcoins to shop on VOW6. How to get Bitcoins?

We offer two types of shipping: Normal (Free) and Express.

For bulk orders, we do not ship products through conventional courier services to avoid customs and other taxes. For small orders, we offer both shipping methods: Normal and Express. Time estimates for both shipping methods is listed below:

Shipping Method Laptops/Compuetrs Smart Phones Cameras Audio Gaming Consoles
†Same Day Delivery Within 12 hours Within 12 hours Within 12 hours Within 12 hours Within 12 hours
*Normal 5-12 Days 5-10 Days up to 7 Days 5 Days up to 7 Days
**Express up to 3 Days up to 2 Days 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 2-3 Days


†Same day delivery is available only in US and Canada

*Normal shipping is free. Normal shipping in the Americas usually takes less time whereas it takes the most time in Asia and EU region.

**Express shipping is not available for orders worth more than $2500 due to application of custom duties and other taxes in most of the countries.

Since 2015, we have received 7 refund requests to be exact. Our refund policy is not strict at all. If you think your product is not as it was described on our site, you can contact us at sales@vow6.com with the exact concern. If your concern is genuine, we definitely process the refund.

Yes, all the products are branded and original and all the products come with box and original accessories.

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