We rarely have refund cases due to the fact that we monitor the whole process from buying to shipping with deep concern. However, below is listed our refund policy.

1. Product is not as described

Due to load of orders, there is a tiny margin of wrong or incomplete packing. If you find out that some products are missing from your order or you received wrong product, you can reach out to us at contact page within 5 days of product delivery. In such cases, we offer full refund or exchange.

2. Product is physically damaged

If you find out that the product delivered is physically damaged, you have a refund window of 3 days to file the claim. In such a scenario, we offer full refund or exchange. However, we will collect the previous product from you. If the refund window has passed, we do not address refund/exchange request. So be sure to double check your product within the given timeline to avoid any inconvenience.

3. Product is a copy or refurbished

We do not sell refurbished or copied products at all. All the products listed on VOW6 are branded and original.


It is requested that you be honest with us or will cease to do business with you. We have a huge customer base and we do give respect where it is due and expect the same.